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Frequently Asked Questions

What Type Goods Do you Warehouse, Distribute & Add Value to?

  • Table Top Goods

  • Garments

  • Travel Goods

  • Bathroom Accessories

  • Sporting Goods

  • Cosmetics

  • Leather Goods

  • Fashion Accessories

  • Handbags

How Far Are You From the Long Beach Harbor?

We are located one hour from both Long Beach and Los Angeles Harbors. 

What Customers Have you Serviced in the Past?

Over the years we have served a range of clients within several industries. A sample list of our clients include:

·       Sher Book Distribution

·       Verdi Luggage

·       Monarch Handbags

·       Brut Fragrances

·       Durka Marine Products

·       RGA Leather Goods

·       Falchi Handbags

·       Flint River Ranch Dog Food

Are There Any Industries You Don't Serve?

We are capable of serving many industries. However, our facility is not set up for hazardous material or refrigerated foods.

How Can I Get a Price Quote?

Because services vary greatly with each customer we do not offer price quotes online. However, we are eager to hear about your needs and work out pricing individually. 

What Do Your Reports Look Like?

You can see a sample of our reports here.


Can I Tour the Facility Before I Make Up My Mind?

If you're not sure if we are the perfect fit for you, we'd love to show off our facility and operations. Drop us a line, and we'll gladly set up a tour. 

Are You Hiring?

We are always looking for qualified people to join our team. You can email your resume and thoughtful cover letter, and if our needs match your qualifications we'll get back to you. 

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